Note: Be sure you have high-speed internet before clicking the download link below.

If you have problems downloading (such as a screen of gibberish, a partial download, or if you get an error about a corrupted file), you should delete the incomplete download and use Apple's Safari web browser  .

Download latest Reunion v14 for Macintosh   ( .dmg - at 232.2MB)

Note: When you download the Reunion 14 software, you will be using it in demo mode.

When unlocked with the License Code (which you get when you buy Reunion), it will run as a full version, without the demo limitations mentioned below.

Limitations of the Demo Mode

  • Only 50 people can be entered in a family file.
  • Import/Export is disabled.
  • Charts and slideshows can't be saved.
  • Printed output will be watermarked.